Home Data Center – update video

Here’s an update video of my home Data Center



PIC 18F – I2C LCD display using a PCF8574

Display on 2 LCD, using 2 PCF8574 and a PIC 18F4620

18F4620 I2C LCD

See how to display on 2 Hitachi HD44780 with PCF8574 using the I2C protocol.

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Expand a PIC IO’s with a 8255A

See how to add 64 new IO’s to a PIC using 3 8255A

Download the Proteus project

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Watch the dog watch the watchdog

What’s wrong with this picture?


Here, we have a classic example of a PIC being reset by its watchdog timer.

The PIC used in the simulation – 16F866 – has a default watchdog countdown timer of about 2.3 seconds.

So, the count from 0 to 9 is interrupted before the end of the sequence and the program is restarted.

In the following article, we will see how to configure and use a watchdog on a PIC micro-controller.

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Introduction à Xcode et swift

Voici un laboratoire d’introduction à Xcode et swift que j’ai rédigé pour mes étudiants:



Proteus USART simulation on a PIC 18F4550

Using Proteus, this project demonstrates how to use the 18F4550 USART to receive and transmit characters and display them on a LCD.


The Proteus project and source code are available at the end of the article.

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A new DL380 G7 in the data center


6 months ago, I have added to my data center a new HP DL380 G7 server.

A superb machine with 2x 6 cores CPU which gives 24 virtual cores, 32GB of DDR3 RAM and 6x SAS 10k 300gb disk .

Soon, I will move the Asterisk and pfSense vmware machines to this server, in addition to some experimental virtual machines : Windows 10, centos and OpenStack.

To be continued …