Pic’s and Atmega’s …

Just ordered a few atmel and microchip microcontrollers on eBay for some projects that I will do during summer vacation.  So, I had to install AVR Studio 4 and MPLAB tools 8.5.

Find the error on theses screen captures:

For a quick ‘cpp’ AVR-Studio start:   c++ avr tutorial by Donald Papp

For a quick ‘cpp’ MPLAB C18 C compiler start:  MPLAB C18 Getting Started


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On top of this topic, you will see a page tab menu.  All the content of this blog is available through that menu.  It present some of my interests; amateur radio, electronic projects (with vacuum tubes), salt water aquariums, computer emulators and microcontrollers.

Update: 02.06.2010

Search index crawlers won’t index the “page sections” of WordPress so here is a little help to my friends:

Project 1 – Homemade 350 volt vacuum tube PS
Project 2 – Homemade One vacuum tube receiver
Project 3 – Homemade Superheterodyne octal vacuum tubes
Project 4 – Homemade SW vacuum tubes receiver
Project 5 – Homemade 3 vacuum tube regen HF receiver
Project 6 – Rebuild of an homemade HP-23 PS
Project 7 – Homemade 1930 – UY-235 vacuum tubes – style regen radio

The arduino,PCR1000 project

My TRS-80 emulator written with Flash – FlashBuilder ( ActionScript – AS3 – and MXML )

My old radios (Atwater Kent, Westinghouse, Philco, Signet, National NC, G.E., Hallicrafters, …)