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  1. Hi Sir.

    Thanks for this amazing work on the PCR1000 ICOM.

    But I have a few question about the Arduino, of corse if You d’ont mind.

    Do You know if the Arduino You use is compatible with the Arduino Duemilanove?

    Is it possible to modified Your software to use a keyboard with the PCR 1000 ?

    Thanks for answering my questions and by the way You are not alone who built vaccuum tubes projects I’m building a Fender Blues for my guitar in my spare time.

    73,s Continue working with tubes…

    Laurent Giasson VE2XVI


    • ve2cuy says:

      Bonjour Laurent,

      Premièrement, merci d’être passé par mon blog technique et d’y avoir laissé un commentaire.

      La version « Arduino » utilisée dans mon projet PCR-1000 est le « Duemilanove »

      Il faut seulement s’assurer qu’elle utilise la puce Atmega328 car « Atmega128 » n‘offre pas assez de mémoire flash (16k au lieu de 32k) pour y tenir mon application de contrôle du PCR-1000.

      Pour ce qui est du clavier, j’ai déjà connecté un clavier PS2 à une plaquette Arduino en utilisant la librairie suivante :


      Et cela fonctionnait parfaitement.

      Alors, quelqu’un qui voudrait ajouter un clavier à mon projet, devrait y arriver assez facilement.

      Il faudra peut-être modifier la librairie « PS2Keyboard » car l’auteur affirme qu’elle ne fonctionne que si le signal d’horloge du clavier est connecté à la broche 3 de l’Arduino. D3 et D4 sont utilisées pour le contrôle de l’écran ACL dans mon projet.

      Je suis tout à fait d’accord avec votre commentaire sur les tubes à électrons.

      Je termine mon projet « MiniDos Machine » et j’y retourne.

      Rien ne me procure plus de plaisir qu’un projet à tubes.

      Au plaisir.


  2. Wow, very cool! By the way, can I get the source code to your spare time generator? I’m having trouble getting it to run on my current processors clock 😛

    Here’s a fun one line program (I didn’t write) Google ‘TRS-80 missle dodge’



  3. Dave says:

    Hello I need the low, high and extended fuse byte values for PCR1000Ver6.cpp.hex.
    I am using a breadboarded circuit.

    thanks Dave

  4. matt says:

    Could you by any chance repost the PCR1000 Arduino code? I’m getting a 404 error. I am working on a similar project with PCR100’s and would like to take a look at this. Thanks! –kc4ylv

  5. sam says:

    Hi Alain

    After looking at your project i was wondering about a radio i have had wrapped up in a plastic for over a year now that i bought with out a display.
    I stumbled on something on the internet were the guy was interfacing a controller to the icom radio via the display connector without the radio display…but not been able to find it again ..:-( as this model of icom (ic 2800) had a design problem in the display so my question to you is would a person be able to interface your ic-pcr1000 arduino project to act as a display for this radio with some modifications to the code …. ??
    As the ic 2800 is a very nice radio but with no display it can be used as a door stopper:-(

    Keep up the good work for ham radio

  6. akshayw says:

    HI Alain,

    i am Installing z/OS on hercules
    the ADCD_WINDOWS.CNF file inside the Z110 folder does not loads the cckd files
    as the .cnf in video uses Absolute paths …

    Is it possible for u to post or mail the cnf file



  7. Hi i see you have some good knowledge on servers and cisco i just started to build my own small lab with a server and few switches looking to buy a cisco router next and start ccna ccnp ccie lab

  8. antar says:

    i’am enjoyed for your vidéo The Ultimate Home Data Center realy it is very usefull and me i’am learning a very good things it is my domain and for me i want learn every thing about data center.

  9. Ofir says:

    Really cool stuff here, both Arduino and servers. Keep it going and please add more details to stuff you do!

    By the way I understand the data center is for learning but on the everyday basis when it runs, obviously you rent them or smth right?

  10. edinanielsen says:

    I just found your video and page via youtube, and throught « is the man mad »
    then i found out u a are radioamature 😀 thats explace it 😉
    Very nice page
    Best wishes from denmark – oz0hk 🙂

  11. reda says:


    Your data Center is very intressting, i need to talk to you, email me ASAP

  12. Norbert Friedrich says:

    Hi Alain, I am looking for the file PCR1000Ver6.rar of your outstanding arduino controller. I couldn’t download. Please give me a way to get the code. Many, many thanks. Best regards an vy 73 de Norbert, DK6RX

  13. Norbert Friedrich says:

    Hello Alian, thanks a lot. No problem with this download. I will quickly test your genious controller app and I think it will do a good job to produce simple frequency input to the PCR1000 for using this as Frontend for SDR decoder with output of first IF, going to a DVBT-Stick and decoding with SDR#. Best regards an vy 73 de Norbert, DK6RX

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