Project 5 – 3 tube regen HF receiver

Well, well, here is my new project:   3 tube HF regen receiver.

The idea was to design from scratch– using parts available in my shack – a regen receiver with a good audio output that would cover the HF band by using plug-in coils.

One other goal was to use same filament voltage tubes: 6BA6 (rf and regen), 6N2P (AF pre-amp) and 6AQ5 (AF AMP) and a 300 volt B+.

I’ve spent quite a time fine tuning the design.

I think that the result is not so bad at all.

There is an extra 7 pin tube socket on the board to add an ‘rf amp’ (6BZ6).

By the way, tuning the radio, I came across the ‘QSO radio show’ at 7.415 mhz. You will hear Fred Lloyd, AA7BQ founder and editor of

And now let’s listen to the receiver:



Schematic will follow soon.

Step 1:


Step 2:

Placing the parts and testing tubes filament

Step 3:

Working on the audio section on my prototyping board

Step 4:

Testing AF pre-amp gain (53x)

Step 5:

Wiring the audio section

Step 6:

Working on the RF and regen section

Step 7:

Wiring the RF section and testing the radio

6 Responses to Project 5 – 3 tube regen HF receiver

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  2. itok says:

    very nice project ! write schematic here please ..

  3. ik5dgf says:

    A good projet but is missing the schematic

  4. iwanh1975 says:

    Excelent friend please schematic Email

  5. ivan passos says:

    friend schematic? thanks you …_._ ..

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