Home Datacenter – Update

A little job of renovation and reorganization of the datacenter during the summer vacations.

detail datacenter 2014.07.31


4 Responses to Home Datacenter – Update

  1. Rich Miller says:

    Hi Alain. I’m a reporter doing a story about home data centers. This is very cool. Can you please get in touch via email?

  2. Rich Miller says:

    Alain: Sorry for the delay. I’m interested in the process of building this kind of set up in a residential environment. Is this difficult to cool (especially the BladeCenter)? Please drop me an email and I can tell you more. Thanks!

    • ve2cuy says:


      It’s my turn to say ‘Sorry for the delay’.

      I’ve been so busy updating a Xcode course that I teach in college from Objective-C to Swift.

      Here are the answers to your questions:


      With a project the size of mine, my first preoccupation was electricity.

      The required power of just half of the servers is 5kW/hr

      My first task was to install an electrical box to provide 240V-2x40A.

      This allows me to support a power request of 9.6kW/hr.

      The data center is in the basement, heat is only a problem during the hot summer period (July and August).

      During this period, I use a 15k BTU air conditioner to keep the temperature below 25c.

      For the rest of the year, I installed an air exchanger with heat recovery. The recovered heat is used to heat the home of 3300 square feet.

      I also installed a HEPA filter to protect the servers from the adverse effects of dust.

      One of the biggest problem was noise.

      An IBM BladeCenter is very noisy.
      The walls have been soundproofed and acoustic tiles were installed in the suspended ceiling.

      I hope this answers your questions.

      Thank you for the interest you have shown in my project.

      Take care


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