My home data center

For those of you who like hardware, I’ve documented my home data center.


So what kind of testing goes on here?

  • Hardware:  enterprise class servers – Dell, HP, IBM –  SAS, RAID 5, 6 + spare, RAID 50, 60, hot swap, UPS, F.C. SAN, Fibre switch, tape backup (IBM LTO3), …
  • OS – Linux, Windows, OpenVMS, z/OS, HP-UX, IBM AIX, …
  • Virtualization – VMware vSphere Hypervisor, vCenter server, vMotion, openStack, Xen, …
  • Network – switch, CLI, LACP, MSTP, ACL, topology, fiber optic, vlan, firewall, traffic shaper, trust and untrust LAN, IPV6, …
  • VOIP – Asterisk, VOIP, POE (Dell powerConnect 3448P), IP phones (Nortel 1230), SIP, …
  • And much more …

Enjoy your tour in my home data center!


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